I love meeting students.  Before I became an author, I was a K-8 teacher for nearly a decade and I have a ton of classroom experience.  


Little Books, Big Emotions: Using Saturdays Are for Stella and other literature, we'll look at the impact of stories with big emotions.  How do these stories affect us and how do we feel about them?  Students will brainstorm their own big emotion stories and practice showing vs telling writing.  

Traditions in Stories: In this presentation, we'll talk about traditions: what they are and why they are important.  We'll examine some of the traditions showcased in Saturdays Are for Stella and students will get an opportunity to write about a tradition that is important to them.  

Be Like Ed White: Students will learn about the life of America's first spacewalker Ed White in this presentation based on the book The Stars Beckoned: Edward White's Amazing Walk in Space. I share photographs and stories of his life and teach students how to lead an exemplary life even if they don't dream of walking in space.  


$600 per day plus expenses (up to four groups/presentations)

$200 for a single, one-hour online presentation 

$50 for a 15 minute Q&A (FREE with the single purchase of 5 of my books for your library or classroom)

(Note: at this time, I am only doing virtual visits)

I am also available for conferences, book festivals and more.  Please contact me at candywellins@gmail.com for more information on rates and availability.